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Coldwell Banker Training Academy

Coldwell Banker Training Academy is considered one of the specialized institutes in Egypt that offers Real Estate education development and this should help Egypt build their leaders of tomorrow and create a deeper pool of talents in the Real Estate sales field. These courses are designed to offer all candidates interested in Real Estate sales a greater insight into the profession of selling and closing deals. Coldwell Banker Courses are delivered by professionals with over 10 years’ experience in real estate, the courses consists of both theoretical and practical elements of the real estate sales process with the emphasis on negotiations and closings.

This certificate is designed to help candidates become Professional Residential Real Estate
consultants and enhance the skills of consultants who already work in the field. Candidates will gain the knowledge of setting their goals, identifying the sales cycle, client handling, negotiation skills, and closing deals in order to submit the first 3-week business plan at work

Module1: (Sales Basics)

  • Roles of REA
  • Sales Cycle
  • Prospecting & Approaching Clients.

Module 2: (Market Assessment)

  • Criteria to Assess Developers
  • Market Segmentation

Module 3: (Sales Cycle)

  • Time Management
  • Showing
  • Negotiations
  • Closings

Date: 17/23/24 November from 10:00 to 3:00 Pm

Fees : 3500 L.E

Price: 3500 EGP

Target Audience:

Social media can augment any organization’s marketing efforts & in the Field of Real Estate.:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Junior & Senior Media Buyer
  • Social Media & Marketing strategist
  • Media Relations Representative
  • Community Moderators
  • Social Media Specialist

Course Objectives:

This course will train participants in:

1- Google:

  • Locations Targeting (Normal vs Radius)
  • Discovery Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • YouTube Sequence Ads Benefits
  • Google Display Ads Setup

2- Facebook & Instagram:

  • Advanced audience creation
  • Increasing Instagram Followers
  • Real Estate Ads content writing & Creation
  • Facebook Pixel

3- Real Estate Online Portals:

  • Using OLX , Property Finder & Aqarmap to sell your Property
  • Learn Online Portal’s reach algorithms

Course Date: Saturdays & Sundays  (15/21/22/28/29 November & 5 December) (Saturdays from 10am - 4 pm & Sundays from 6 pm -10 pm )

Price: 3000

Price: 3000 EGP

In this course, you will learn the Sales Management Course Topics

  • Sales Manager Roles
  • Adaptation to change
  • Communication
  • Sales meetings
  • Sales planning and reports
  • Time Management
  • Motivation for each sales team member
  • Sales recruiting, interviewing and hiring
  • Training Coaching and counseling
  • Leadership

Date: 29/30 November & 8/14 December from 10:00 to 3:00  pm

Price 3900

Price: 3900 EGP


This Certificate is designed to develop your knowledge of fundamental principles and
contemporary techniques of the financial process. Boost both your earnings and confidence. Gain a well-rounded education in Commercial Investment in Real Estate


  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate investment
  • Professional handling and closing of commercial deals
  • Getting to Know Commercial Real Estate in details the Relationship between the Tenant
  • Identifying types of real estate investment available and detailed explanation of when, how, and
    why use each of them
  • Introduction to the latest market trends in terms of commercial real estate investment
  • Characteristics of Commercial Consultant
  • Commercial Real Estate Legalities Types of Contracts
  • Types of real estate agreements and how to properly Negotiate the legal terms in all contacts
  • Understanding Asset Appraisal using different approaches and its regulations based on Egyptian
  • Understanding and marketing Office space and retail
  • Types of Commercial Real Estate Risks
  • Office Space Categories and Retail
  • Real Estate Property Appraisal

Date (8/9/15/16 March 2020)

Price: 3800 EGP

Part One:
Introduction to the Investment and Feasibility Study for Real Estate Projects.

Part Two:
Economic Primary Feasibility Study for Real Estate Projects.

Part Three:
Market Feasibility Study for Real Estate Projects.

Part Four:
Technical and Engineering Feasibility Study for Real Estate Projects.

Part Five:
Financial Feasibility Study for Real Estate Projects.

Part Six:
Commercial Evaluation and Comparison Among New Real Estate Investment Projects.

Part Seven:
Evaluating Real Estate Projects in Cases of Uncertainty and Risk.

Part Eight:
Bank Financing of New Real Estate Projects and Correction of Feasibility Management.


Price: 3800 EGP


Do people buy into your ideas?
Can you convince the people around you that the world can be a better place?
Are you able to get the support and resources you need to be successful?
What do you say when customers say Let me think about it and leave after all of your exerted efforts?
This Workshop is designed to introduce you to the idea of how a more powerful person you can be by becoming a Persuader in your life generally and in Sales specifically and how can this increase your hit rate and eventually your income as a result.

Course Objectives:

This course will train participants in 2 days the following topics:


1st: Winners Mindset:
Hunters Way.
The Always winning question.
Best Utilize your time.
The Law of 3.

2nd: Preparing for Persuasion:
The first impression is everything .. what to do? and how to do it?
What is Rapport? And How is it created?
Matching & Mirroring.
How to uncover critical hidden information.
The difference between listening and active listening.

3rd : Persuasion Techniques:
Facts Tell, Stories Sell.
Emotions, not Logic.
Expectations “ Balloon Theory “
3 Boxes
How to paint mental pictures
Pacing & Leading.
Feel, Felt, Found.
Golden Silence

4th: Closing Techniques:
Never to use.
The Invitational close.
The Reverse close.
The customer says let me think about it.

Date: Quarterly

Price: 2000 EGP

The course provides practical guidelines for business professionals interested in exploring the
opportunities digital marketing offers to manage and enhance the visibility of their products or services in
today’s market space. The course helps the learners compete in the job market by acquiring the
knowledge and skills needed to utilize and manage various social media advertising tools; like Facebook
Ads Manager, LinkedIn Ads manager, and Instagram Ads.

Tools you will be familiar with:

  • Facebook Analysis Tool
  • Facebook Ads Campaigns manager
  • Facebook Campaign Testing methods
  • Ads Objective
  • Budget and scheduling
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Engagement Types campaign
  • Managing campaign through portable devices
  • LinkedIn Ads Campaigns manager (New UI)
  • Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • SEO Outlines

Date: Quarterly

Price: 950 EGP

The communications skills covered in this course will increase your ability to exercise choice and control for every type of conversation, influence without authority and improve quality of relationships and productivity.
Customer Behavior Course helps sharpen the skills of even experienced sales professionals, enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively expand their business

Target Audience:

  • Individual contributors, Managers, Team leaders, whose success depends on their ability to communicate clearly, to be understood and to influence how another person performs, and create positive working relationships.
  • Professional sales people
  • Lay people looking for ways to be more influential
  • Those who would like to start a career in sales
  • Anyone interested in the psychology of sales and dealing with people
  • Managers

Course Objectives:
This course will train participants in 2 days the following topics:

1) What is Customer Behavior Course ?

2) Professional Business Communications Skills:

  • Speak with more confidence & Listen Carefully
  • Steer Conversation & influence people
  • Move the confidence to make more of an impact on audience
  • Verbal, Written, Visual

3) Dress for Success (Appearance & Nonverbal Communications)

  • Body Language & Gestures
  • The Importance of First Impression
  • How decently your handshake
  • Importance of your smile and maintain eye contact
  • What do wear and what don’t? (Man V.s Woman)

4) Emotional Intelligence

  • IQ & EQ
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • 19 Competencies of Emotional Quotient
  • Can EI be developed

5) How to Simplifying your business brain?

  • State the Reasons behind your failures with customers using the wrong body language

6) Presentation Skills:

  • How to do an effective presentation using the Four Ps
  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Practice
  • Present

7) Business Meeting Etiquette:

  • Golden Rule
  • Platinum Rule

8) Client types:

  • Forever Buyer
  • Quick Seller
  • First Time Buyer
  • Urban Dweller
  • Profiteer

9) How to deal with different types of clients using professional business real estate languages

Date: 6/7 October from 05:00 to 10:00 Pm

Price: 2000 EGP


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