Your journey starts here!

Your journey starts here!

Coldwell Banker Training Academy

Coldwell Banker Training Academy is considered one of the specialized institutes in Egypt that offers Real Estate education development and this should help Egypt build their leaders of tomorrow and create a deeper pool of talents in the Real Estate sales field. These courses are designed to offer all candidates interested in Real Estate sales a greater insight into the profession of selling and closing deals. Coldwell Banker Courses are delivered by professionals with over 10 years’ experience in real estate, the courses consists of both theoretical and practical elements of the real estate sales process with the emphasis on negotiations and closings.


The certificate is designed to help candidates become professional residential and commercial real estate consultants and enhance the skills of consultants who already work in the field.
Candidates will gain the knowledge of setting their goals, identifying and focus on their cycle of influences rather focusing in cycle of concerns.
Candidates also will learn to sale based on the client’s psychology and able to notice the client’s sources of fears and to deal with them till the clients willingly close the deals.

Day One

  • Role of a real estate sales associate
  • The concept of demands and supplies
  • The sales cycle
  • Prospecting
  • Basic real estate definitions
  • Research activities
  • Properties finishing
  • Property evaluation
  • Properties finishing

Day Two

  • Discuss research activities done the day before
  • Real estate marketing
  • Marketing activity
  • Prospecting habits
  • Prospecting tools
  • Prospecting methods
  • Real estate contracts

Real Estate Negotiation Strategies:

  • Uncover buyers dna
  • How to select properties that matches the client’s dna
  • Identify the buying signal
  • Practice the skills necessary for good negotiation
  • Identify the three critical variables that impact every negotiation
  • Building negotiation strategy (win-lose & win-win)
  • Learning the 10 golden negotiation tips

Day Three

Real Estate Closing

  • The meaning of closing
  • Closing in KASH
  • Why closing a deal seems to be hard
  • Dealing with rejection and objections
  • Learn different types of closing
Price: 3200 EGP


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